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Ka or hi, meaning "Fire", represents the energetic, forceful, moving things in the world. Animals, particularly predators, capable of movement and full of forceful energy, are primary examples of ka objects. Bodily, ka represents our metabolism and body heat, and in the mental and emotional realms, it represents drive and passion. ka can be associated with motivation, desire, intention, and an outgoing spirit. Besides the obvious examples of heat and flame, lightning can also be thought of as an extension of Ka.

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Kimery Martial Arts

Celebrating 30 Years In Pearl Mississippi.

Our school was established September 12, 1989 though KIMERY MARTIAL ARTS has been in existence since 1984.

Mr. Kimery began studying martial arts in the 70s as a student in karate. Since that time he has studied as many as seven different systems of martial arts. Beginning with Japanese Shotokan style he soon moved onto Okinawan, American Karate, Filipino Arnis and Kali, and finally Korean styles of TaeKwonDo and HapKido.

He had studied with more than 16 different masters and instructors before receiving his black belt Degree in 1984 at Mississippi State University, under Master Young Park, and the MOO SUL KWAN FEDERATION, which was headed by the late Grand Master Lee H. Park. The Kimery Martial Arts emblem was designed to represent Grand Master Park’s influence and dedication toward martial arts education.

Mr. Kimery has been a United States Korean Martial Arts Federation member, which has been a long standing advocate of maintaining traditional standards in martial arts training and study. He has studied under the guidance of Grand Master J.R West, founder and president of the U.S.K.M.A.F.

Mr. Kimery acknowledges Grand Master West, Grand Master Park, and Grand Master Kimm as the three most influential people in guiding his knowledge and success.

Remember: Knowledge of many things is required in life…. So learn many things.

Kevin Kimery

(601) 832-0341

Kimery Martial Arts
306 Babin-Wells Road
Pearl, Mississippi 39208

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